Selecting a Race


After logging in for the first time, you will be asked to choose a race. Each one is special in its own way.

    • Humans: A balanced race that gets small bonuses of many types
      • Technical: 5% Bonus Merchant World Build, -10% Speed Bonus, 1/3 chance of scoring extra dart on owned phenomenon and stellurae.
    • Makluvians: A race that uses its streamlined processes to build more quickly
      • Technical: 30% Command Build, 10% Merchant World Build, -20% Speed Bonus
    • Kaletians: A race that uses sleek ship designs for increased speed
      • Technical 20% Speed Bonus
    • Zorestians: An ancient race that uses superior repair skills to stop ships from decaying
      • Technical: -20% Decay, 10% Speed Bonus
    • Avarians: A dictatorial race that is capable of ordering a quicker speed and the use of stations in the mobile fleet
      • Technical: 10% Speed Bonus, Able to use Stations in fleet

On this page you will choose your Empire flag color, this will be the color flag that is on all of your planets to know that they are yours. Opposing players will have the color they choose to differentiate who owns a planet.